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Sabaody Takımadaları 1.0.1

APK Size:17M OBB Size:115M

Version:1.0.1 OBB Version:2


14 votes

The download is starting now, it's a little large because it contains APK file and OBB file, please wait for minutes.

Please tell us if you are a real user,then the download will start immediately.

What is 1Click Obb Installer?

With 1Click Obb Installer, you only need one click to install APK and Obb files. 1Click Obb Installer will automatically transfer the Obb files to right place in your smart phones. You just need install the apk file. Then you can enjoy the game.

How to use 1Click Obb Installer?

step 1.Download 1Click Obb Installer. The size maybe is large. So keep the patient.

step 2.Install 1Click Obb Installer.

step 3.Open 1Click Obb Installer, click install button.

step 4.Wait the installation complete.

step 5.Then install the apk file and enjoy the app.

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